Game Zone

AT AZ 2.0 you will find a new state of the art card reader system, which means no more tokens, no more tickets. Our arcade is bigger and better. Just grab a funpass, load it up, and swipe, play, and win. This is the only place on the westside that has this new system and only the second in town. There’s new games, more games, and we’ve even got a 6 person Western Shootout Shooting Gallery, where you can make hats fly, roosters crow, even bubbles, if you know which target to shoot. Top it of with a 20 foot high wall of prizes and you’ll find the AZ 2.0 Game Zone is truly El Paso’s 21st Century arcade.

Adventure Zone offers fun for the whole family, the latest state of the art video games and redemption games along with the largest redemption prize wall in El Paso. Adventure Zone still has some classics like the Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss, Skeeball/Iceball and more. We recently upgraded our game room with new games such as Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Monster Drop Extreme, Big Bass Wheel, SuperBikes 2, Monopoly Interactive Video, Wheel of Fortune (just like on TV) and more. Come into the Game Zone and play a large variety of video game favorites.

As is a tradition, you can play redemption games for tickets that can be exchanged for prizes… So the fun never ends! We now have "E-Tickets" that go directly on your Funcards.

WARNING*** Adventure Zone is not responsible for any alleged incidents, alleged injuries or alleged theft and anything else not mentioned here. All of Adventure Zone guests enter Adventure Zone property at their own risk.

Western Shootout Old time shooting gallery
Star Wars Pod Racer May the Force be with you
Jumping Jackpot Jump an invisible rope and win visible prizes
Hydro Thunder Speed boat racing at it’s best
Deadstorm Pirates Deluxe sit down pirate adventure for two
The Lighthouse Skill game, try to win a an iPad or PS4
Plush Crane Test yourself to see if you can win a cool licensed plush item.
Keymaster Skill game, try to win an iPad or PS4
Stacker Skill game, try to win a iPad or PS4
Fruit Ninja 2 Interactive game with a 48 Inch touch screen moniter, just like the app
Whack N' Win Can you land on the jackpot?
Giant Big Bass Wheel Go fishing and see how many e-tickets you will win
Slam A Winner You could win big at this game
Monster Drop Extreme  EXTREME BONUS here, a 14 foot tall game
Down Da Clown A carnivel Classic with LED lights
Fishbowl Frenzy Incredible realistic game, can you make it in the fishbowl?
Cyclone A classic fun game, but you need to be quick.
Deal or No Deal Just like the TV show.
Dino Dash Can you run faster than a dinosaur?
Frantic Fred See how many apples you can make your bear catch.
Milk Jug Toss A brand new classic, toss your ball into a milk jug for e-tickets.
Monopoly Play the real game on the moniter, win up to 400 e-tickets.
Treasure Quest Come on mate, spin the wheel to see how much treasure you win.
Raptor Captor Bright neon Dinosaur game, how many e-tickets will you win?
Space Ballz Help the Space Monkey and win a lot of e-tickets.
Iceball FX We have 4 of the newest version of Skeeballs, with LED lighting.
Classic Basketball Shoot some hoops
Super Shot Jr.  For the smaller one's, try your basketball skills.
Spin-N-Win Pull the arm, spin the wheel for e-tickets.
Wheel of Fortune Video Just like the TV Show, can you figure out the puzzle?
Dead Heat Driver The latest driving game that takes a photo of you and your challenger.
Guitar Hero How good are you on the guitar with classic songs?
Terminator Salvation Just like the movies.
Super Bikes 2 Challenge your friends to a race through Las Vegas on these SuperBikes.
Transformers By far, the coolest new game.  Megatron, Bumble Bee, all are here.
Nick Tunes Driver All kids love driving this game.

By far the best game room in El Paso

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