Speed Zone

Zip and zoom around our Speedzone go-track as you race your friends and family, ...........who will finish first?

The safety of our guests is a priority, so there are some very important rules that need to be followed.

WARNING*** Adventure Zone is not responsible for any alleged incidents, alleged injuries or alleged theft and anything else not mentioned here. All of Adventure Zone guests enter Adventure Zone property at their own risk.

Go Kart Racing Rules

To drive a single seat go-kart, you must be at least 54” tall.

To drive a double seat go-kart, you must be at least 54" tall and 16 years old. Passengers must be at least 42” tall to ride in a go kart.

To drive a rookie kart you must be at least 48" tall.

If you are wearing sandals, they must have a heel strap for you to drive a go-kart or to ride as a passenger.

Go Kart Racing Cost

Each session lasts approximately 4-5 minutes , and costs 540 points (or $4.99 + .41 tax) for drivers. Passengers may ride for only 107 points (or $ .99 + .08 tax).

Single Kart - 540 points (or $4.99 + .41 tax)

Double Kart Driver - 648 points ($5.99 + .49 tax)

Rookie Kart - 540 points (or $4.99 + .41 tax)

Click here to view the specials and learn more about how you can get unlimited go kart rides at the Speed Zone!

Regular Hours: Go-karts and Bumper Boats open at 5 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. and 4 p.m. Friday. Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 12 Noon.

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