Pirate Quest:
Escape From The Adventure Galley

Based on a true to life pirate story, The new Pirate Quest Escape Room is now open at Adventure Zone.

Take a look over your shoulder as they close the door and leave the ordinary behind. You have now stepped into another world, a long lost world, aboard the once proud Adventure Galley. Now aboard the ship, you will have one hour to solve the puzzles and hopefully lead to your escape. There’s lots of great décor including several life size pirates, elaborate audio and video production, as well as some amazing pirate themed puzzles.


It was the year 1695, when the notorious Captain Kidd was commissioned b the King of England to track down pirates for the crown. Being as Pirates were hard to find on the open sea, Captain Kidd turned pirate himself and plundered any ship he could find. The crew eventually mutinied and abandoned ship. Eventually, Captain Kidd abandoned ship himself, and returned to England, hoping for leniency but was promptly tried for piracy and executed.


The cursed ship was lost for many a year until our beloved pirates found her and were trapped inside and eventually turned to stone. Your mission is to join our pirates inside the ship, to solve all the puzzles and to escape with your lives before you too are turned to stone and become yourself part of the legend. You will be given a limited number of hints, if requested. You have an hour.

The cost is $20 per person. Recommend booking online. Maximum group size 8 people. If less than 8 people, we may group you with others to get to the 8 person group size unless you decide to rent out the entire room which cost $160. Payment is made at the time of the reservation. Walk up business is welcome, but with the limitations on group size, and the length of game play, reservations are recommended. All participants 14 and under require one adult (18+) participant as well.


Monday - Wednesday - Escape room available by appointment 
Thursday - Friday - By appointment only 11am-4pm, walk ins OK from 4pm-close 
Saturday and Sunday - Escape Room open all day, walk ins OK.

The buy 3 hours and get a free $10 game card and then buy 2 hours, get a free $5 game card good only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


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